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We are back from the hospital, he has a back brace he needs to wear for 3 months. I'll be in game as much as possible.
I wish him a speedy recovery.
My husband broke his back yesterday. I'm not sure when I'll be back, but will keep folks updated.
Officers Meeting Saturday 4/28
I won't be in game today guys, sorry
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The Black Watch Armada News

Declare Your Allegiance

mrs.king a posted May 7, 18

For the next month, Star Trek Online is letting you Declare Your Allegiance, and support your favorite faction in game with social media icons, and a chance to win in-game items and a Wizkids prize pack! 

Click here for more details!

We’ve rebuilt the entirety of the Promenade ring to match the show.  That means all of your favorite spots are there, including one you’ve already got a sneak peek at in the recent episode “The Renegade’s Regret”- the Security Office and its Holding Cells.  In addition, we’ve updated or added the Infirmary, the Bajoran Temple, the Klingon Deli, the Jumja Stand, the Replimat, and of course, Garak’s Clothiers.  

Oh, and how could I have forgotten, Quark’s Bar!  Quark’s is fun, after all.  Quark’s, like everything else, has been completely rebuilt from scratch, and it is now open to the Promenade on both the first and second floor. . . Click here to read the entire article!

Droma a CAN'T WAIT!!

Beware the Dominion!

Lorandun ao posted Mar 21, 18

A new story line will soon be launched, with this new foray into the Gamma Quadrant, The Black Watch will expand its power.


Star Trek Online is incredibly proud to announce our fourth major expansion, Victory is Life. Paying homage to fan-favorite Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, this brand-new expansion will bring Captains to the Gamma Quadrant and beyond, in a new story kicked off by the invasion of the mysterious Hur’q. You’ll be able to play as a brand new faction, the Jem’Hadar; experience six new episodes in the Star Trek Online story; and interact with ten of the original cast members from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. We’re so excited to announce four of those actors for you here today, with more coming in next few weeks.