TBWF is meant to be a growing community. In order to maintain a culture and climate that supports learning, friendships, and game goals it is necessary to provide some general rules and guidelines for engagement within the fleet structure. This is meant be an evolving document, so your thoughts and feedback are appreciated.

After you join the fleet:

When you join The Black Watch Fleet, look for either myself (@tbwsto) or Poktoi (@thesrouded) or Dark Orbit (@darkkorbit) or Lonandun @lorandun in game and have us invite you to the fleet. Also, don't forget to upload your character(s) to your page on the web site.

TBWF Chat Channel:
There is an inter-fleet chat channel called TBWF. This lets both Federation and KDF side fleet members see the chat chatter between TBW members. Most of us use TBWF exclusively, and if you aren't you are probably missing out on a lot of the chats. When you are invited into the fleet you will also be invited into the cross-faction chat channel.

1. To join the channel either right click the chat tab or press Esc and go to the chat configuration.
2. Click on the channels tab in the chat configuration and type into the box TBWF and then click join.

Getting member status:
Fleet rank will be changed to member only after a toon contributes 100,000 fleet credits worth of donations. Fed side donations are counted from contributions to the Dranuur Colony Fleet Holding. Once you have reached the 100,000 fleet credit mark, please inform an officer and we will grant you the promotion to member status. KDF side contributions are counted from The B'lack Watch Fleet. New recruits (whether the player is already a fleet member or not) will stay at the recruit level until THAT TOON has contributed 100,000 fleet credits to the projects. Once they reach that rank they can be promoted to member and help themselves to Fleet Ships and other fleet items.

Fleet Bank:
The Fleet Bank is the resource provided for the fleet to share materials, gear, food, and other items. Players are limited in the number of items per day they may withdraw. Please also consider sharing items that you loot, create, acquire by placing them in the bank (Note: Please do not put white or green items in the fleet bank). Please note that once you place something in the fleet bank - it belongs to the community and is available for anyone in the fleet who has access to take/use.

No group can work well together without good communication. Please be sure to let others in the fleet know when you need help. In all collaborative groups there are times when questions or concerns may arise. Please do not hesitate to voice your concerns at any time; all fleet members should be respectful and productive with their contributions to conversation. Any issues should be brought to the attention of the officers as early as possible. Officers are there to help facilitate conversations and solutions! Please never hesitate to speak with an officer - either real time (in private chat if warranted) or by sending in-game mail.

Conflict Resolution:
TBW has a Scrutiny Committee that will investigate any infractions of guild policy that is reported. If any member is found guilty of breaking policy, then appropriate measures will be taken, including removal IF necessary. Please understand that we will do all we can to make sure the fleet operates with the highest honor and in that role we take discipline very seriously.

Working Outside the Fleet:
There are times we all need to work outside the fleet, when leveling, in PUG's, and in trading. TBWF members need to maintain a reputation as fair, honorable players in the game. Please consider that you represent The Black Watch in all aspects of what you do in the game. We do not condone the purchase of game items outside of Perfect World.

Use of Exploits:
TBW does not condone the use of third party applications to modify the game in any way. Nor do we condone the use of exploits in any form. Exploiting is defined as the use of game errors (bugs) or mechanics to gain an unfair advantage in the game or for personal profit.

Leaving the Fleet:
We understand that not all players are fit for TBWF. Some may have goals in the game that TBWF is either unable or unwilling to support. Leaving the fleet to accomplish goals in the game that TBWF is not capable of helping with is understood. If you are considering leaving the fleet, please talk to an officer to discuss your reasons and goals in the game. Note: It is not appropriate to empty the fleet bank of items just prior to leaving.

Skills and Resources:
We all work hard in game to acquire resources and develop our skills. These can often benefit other players and can command high prices in game. The Black Watch members work together to share their skills and often materials as well. We do not charge each other for skills. However, either compensation or assistance in gathering materials is highly appreciated and recommended.

Rank advancement will be based off attitude, participation, activity on the forums/teamspeak, and performance in game. Please speak to an officer if you have any questions about rank.

Preparing for an instance:
Please make sure you have all needed supplies and the correct set-up when preparing for an instance run. In addition, please repair prior to coming to the instance.

Grouping, Instance and Mission Specific Conduct:
Working in a STF or Fleet Action is very different than soloing in game. Every player has a specific job that takes time and practice to learn. Constructive criticism is appreciated, but blaming, demeaning, or insulting the performance of another player is not acceptable. In any mission if the mission leader gives you a command, you are to follow it immediately. Questioning an officer during a mission is unacceptable behavior.

Loot Rules:
Our loot rules are simple. Group loot is set standard to "greed" with roll for all drops. Greed anything you like, but you must ask the group if you wish to click need. Do not "need" an item that is not an upgrade for something you are currently using. Every once in a while in game you come across special items. When in a group it is appropriate to use /roll to determine who will loot the special item. This is not the case however if a PUG is a part of the team. It is appropriate to choose “need” on all drops if you are in any group of TBW containing a PUG.

Recruiting is always encouraged. Friends and Family members of fleet members also play, as well as members who were recruited "in game.” Inviting someone to the fleet should be done with great care. Do not invite someone you have not worked with in-game. Numbers are not as important as the quality of the player being recruited. Please be sure that those you may invite will be an asset to the fleet and represent us well. Recruit is the starting rank of the fleet. Please make sure you tell an officer you invited someone to the fleet. They will be asked to fill out an application on the website.

Using the website:
The website is provided to extend resources and conversations beyond "in game." All fleet members are asked to create an account and maintain toon associations and personal profiles accordingly. There are a great many resources available on the website so take the time to check thorough it. All officers are required to check the web site several times a day so that they are abreast of any important information or activity that may affect the status of the game.

Teamspeak Etiquette:

TBWF is an adult guild. As such, our conversations in TBWF chat often reflect that. Use of Teamspeak while in game is also encouraged. Discussions in-game are sometimes not game related. Use of the game environment to discuss outside matters is encouraged, as this helps the group to bond as a unit. TBW uses Teamspeak for in game chat. We encourage the use of TS for team missions or just as a social side to the game. I would like to make a few points however about what I consider proper voice chat etiquette.

1. Make sure your microphone works and is at an appropriate volume level before you log on.

2. Use push to talk, we don't want to hear everything that goes on in your environment.

3. Know when to stay on topic.

4. No talk about religion or politics. No racism, sexism, homophobic name-calling. Honestly, if you need to be told this, find a different fleet.

5. Be kind. Say "Thanks!" or "Good job!". Praise goes a long way to making games pleasant, and who wouldn't like a compliment every now and again?

6. Don't talk constantly; make sure each person gets some time on the mic.

7. Watch your language. We are all adults, but there is no need to express yourself with expletives or vulgar language. This shows a lack of rescpect for the others sharing the voice chat.

I have an open door policy if anyone ever needs anything, or just has something they need to vent about. I am honored to be a part of this great group. Let me end by saying one more time:

I Love the Black Watch