In a car heading to portland be back sunday night
Lifetime Subscription on SALE now
2 weeks in Canada... taking my G13 with me. Should be in game sometime.
Come the 5th of Feb things should be back to normal.
Out for a week or more. RL demands my time
You do not have access to shout.
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The Black Watch Armada News

Beware the Dominion!

Lorandun a posted Wed at 10:49

A new story line will soon be launched, with this new foray into the Gamma Quadrant, The Black Watch will expand its power.


Star Trek Online is incredibly proud to announce our fourth major expansion, Victory is Life. Paying homage to fan-favorite Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, this brand-new expansion will bring Captains to the Gamma Quadrant and beyond, in a new story kicked off by the invasion of the mysterious Hur’q. You’ll be able to play as a brand new faction, the Jem’Hadar; experience six new episodes in the Star Trek Online story; and interact with ten of the original cast members from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. We’re so excited to announce four of those actors for you here today, with more coming in next few weeks.


Domain Name Change

mrs.king a posted Mar 1, 18

We are giving everyone 30 days notice, but be aware we are changing our domain name.  Please change your bookmarks to  Everything else will remain the same, just a new (better) way to remember the website address.  Any questions?  Please post below.

Wolf For those trying to get in to TeamSpeak by booting up TS solo, you need to change the server from the enjin address to t...


Hailing all Captains!

We are pleased to announce a sale on Lifetime Subscriptions February 27th at 5pm PT to April 5th at 10am PT, bringing the price down by $100 to $199.99! Now is the perfect time to pick up a Lifetime Subscription to STO so you can play forever as a Gold Member and never pay a monthly subscription fee again!

Enjoy all the rewards that come with being a Lifetime Subscriber. With exclusive species unlocks like playable Talaxian Species, instant access to all Veteran Rewards, to Priority Login, there are dozens of reasons to become a lifetime subscriber today! You will even get 500 ZEN a month to spend on all the new gear and ships that come out in Star Trek Online. For more information on all the great rewards that come with being a subscriber, check out our blog here.

Remember! Lifetime Subscribers now get instant access to all Veteran Rewards from day-1 of their subscription!

For information on how to claim and use your Veteran Rewards, click here.